Chicagoland's Best Geckos and Exotic Animals
Creepy Exotics, a family owned and operated business located in northern Illinois, has been rearing a variety of geckos for close to a decade. The business functions primarily from the comfort of our own home, which allows us to breed and vend geckos year-round. Having a business that operates out of the home caters to our drive to provide our reptiles with the care and attention that we would provide our own children. Our gecko colonies consist primarily of the crested gecko, which is our forte, but we also breed the chahoua and mossy leaftail variety. Additionally, we breed for the production of spectacular results in terms of color and bodily structure and form, as well as the lineage of the babies. We offer many different varieties of color morphs, including, but not limited to pinstripes,flames, harlequins, dalmations, and bi-color reds.

The sole proprietor, John Gebert, feels that hand feeding all of her geckos will provide them with an outstanding foundation for their lives, as well as promoting exceptional care, growth, and health. Though it is very time consuming, it is well worth the investment to see the successful outcome of rearing such healthy juvenile geckos that grow to elite adults. Our customers enjoy the geckos for their character and appearance, as well as the fact that they are low maintenance and affordable. We have a variety of customers; some customers are in search of a gecko for themselves, while others are on a hunt for a gecko for a child. These are very friendly creatures, perfect for children and adults alike.

As a private breeder, we pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, accompanied by an outstanding customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe that our services will build a strong, loyal customer base, both new and old, that welcomes reptile enthusiasts of all walks of life. By purchasing from a breeder of our caliber, with our ideals towards the care of our reptiles, our customers are assured to receive top quality, healthy geckos with an equivalent customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or special order requests. Please provide any specific details, or perhaps an image of a certain type of gecko, if you are interested in purchasing from Creepy Exotics. This will allow us to search within our colonies to find a gecko that best suits the desired appearance to fulfill your order. We are always ready and willing to assist in any way possible!


Johnny Gebert

Barb Gebert